No problem is hard enough for us, be it understanding and organizing your data or unlocking hidden patterns of data into information that enables you to make smart business decisions.



AmberTAG delivers value to customers by analysing their BigDATA and help them make business critical decisions though predictive analytics and demand forecasting. Various frameworks have been developed and perfected by our internal R&D team over a period of several years through continuous learning from customer experiences and feedback.

We have a social charter that is integrated with our business practices and is an important fabric of our organization. In order to improve the employability of engineers in our country, we train, mentor and empower unemployed and underemployed youth with cutting edge technologies in the field of data sciences, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This is accomplished by our team of in-house trainers/senior managers who have provided their expertise to various Fortune 500 companies.  The training is provided free of cost and over the years many have benefited from it and are serving other organizations globally. AmberTAG remains committed to this important nation building exercise of empowering our youth to meet global technological challenges.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, India, the company is founded by entrepreneurs and technocrats. The team has extensive experience in business and technology leadership and have served companies such as Yahoo!, Amazon, Oracle, Cadence Design Systems etc. Our team has built and led businesses in the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan and Asia Pacific Regions.

Our Vision

Inspire organizations worldwide to create a work culture where people innovate and excel in an environment of love, compassion and mutual respect.

Our Mission

 Empower customers with insights to make profitable and informed decisions . Recognize and encourage entrepreneurial spirit in people to create jobs and elevate  employability of future generations.

Our Values

  • Work with love and compassion

  • Knowledge Sharing

  • Be socially responsible

  • Gainful job creation by improving employability

  • Promote entrepreneurial spirit

  • Compete and Cooperate

  • Continuous learning and self development

  • Embrace technology and stay ahead of the curve

  • Reward innovation and superior customer service

Team AmberTAG

AmberTAG is really our whole team. Most of Team AmberTAG comes from other walks of life, often without the trappings of a formal diploma or higher education. We are a collection of entrepreneurs with a fresh outlook. We are heads down, down to earth and just looking to solve your business problem. Our outlook to problems is to really find the simplicity in it, and we often have to look hard to find it. No problem is hard enough, be it understanding and fixing your data, finding hidden patterns or making it work for you.

Leadership Team

Bharat Vijay

Bharat Vijay

Founder & President

Bharat Vijay founded AmberTAG Analytics with a social commitment of bridging the gap between the output of educational institutions and the demanding needs of the industry in the field of analytics and data sciences. Bharat has co-created several start ups, assisted them with IP creation and spun off companies to become independent entities from AmberTAG.
Previously, Bharat worked with Yahoo and was a core member of many technological innovations during its early days. He built the Yahoo’s center in India, hired and mentored the local talent for many years. He was responsible for Yahoo!’s lead generation, lead scoring, inventory forecasting and revenue optimization systems. Besides, he served as VP - Software Development at Amazon and set up various centers in India, developed and executed their initial strategy, hired and built teams and generated products for Amazon's A9 search engine.
Bharat is passionate about cancer research and is an active Volunteer and Committee Member of Indian Cancer Society. He is also a facilitator at the Art of Living Foundation.
Bharat comes from an engineering background and holds a Masters Degree from the University of California.

KrishnaPrasad (KP) Nadig

KrishnaPrasad (KP) Nadig


KP Nadig is the dynamo behind AmberTAG’s versatility and reach. A natural at evangelizing new businesses and developing new markets. He constantly looks for opportunities ahead of the curve that has both business and social value.
Before co-founding AmberTAG, KP co-founded a Home nursing business, out of Bangalore that delivered skilled NursingCare to thousands of patients, in the comfort of their homes.
He returned to India after working in the US for Cadence Design Systems where he built up an International Business in Electronic-CAD and chip engineering services. Prior, he held senior business development positions at Wipro India and the US.
He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from SJCE in Mysore, India.

Amar Kumar Ray

Amar Kumar Ray


Amar comes from a strong technology services background and has successfully managed several multi-million dollar engagements in the BFSI industry. He worked with State Street Bank in Boston and managed a $130 Million engagement with World Bank. The engagement spread across 17 countries and 3 continents comprising of multicultural teams working in multiple time zones. He won several accolades for outstanding customer service and was awarded as the “Officer of the Year” - the highest award at State Street Bank. He also served as a technology advisor to fund managers with Fidelity Investments who were managing a fund of over $2 Billion USD. This fetched him the “Above and Beyond” award for outstanding contribution which was the highest award in the organization. Later, Amar helped the greenfield operation of ING in the United States and served in a strategic role in the management of a portfolio that grew from scratch to $16 Billion USD.
After gaining extensive experience in these top financial services firms, Amar started his entrepreneurial venture called Dasceq jointly with AmberTAG and eventually took over as the CEO of the combined entity. Amar relocated to India with a mandate to streamline the operations of AmberTAG and establish the company as a leader in the field of Analytics and Data Sciences.
Amar holds a Masters Degree from the University of Boston and was mentored by a highly distinguished Nobel Laureate.

Anand Ramani

Anand Ramani


Was responsible for Yahoo Multimedia search and still searching...
Loves to keep things simple however complex things might be technical or non-technical.

Harish Batni

Harish Batni


3 decades in process, manufacturing & construction industries. Passionate about IOT and automation . A person with a creative bend, finds his expression in photography and writing.

Arvind Prabhakar

Arvind Prabhakar


13 years in Tech Delivery at Oracle and eCommerce startups. A service-centered entrepreneur, founded the online crowd-sourced library A humble and constant learner whose tenacity and consensus building abilities drives us forward.

Sajit Gopalan

Sajit Gopalan


20+ years, IT- BFSI, Product & Program Management, Digital Marketing Strategy & Implementation. Passionate about sustainable organic farming and enabling people to discover and fulfill their potential.