Predict The Future

Blockchain and AI/ML Powered Forecasting Solution

The Forecasting Solution built employs Machine learning algorithms to improve the Price Bidding based on the historical data obtained from the various client’s Distributors. The various AI and ML Solutions built has provided with the outcome of 1) suggesting the consumer connect strategy taking the non direct category player into consideration. 2) Resulting in a more effective and result driven approach leading to a higher return on marketing investments.
There were various Analytical Insights drawn viz., young “attitudinal” group driving the category penetration, Influencing the category consumption, Identifying the Drivers for Brand Switch, Looking for concrete reasons to buy/switch, Positively disposed towards brands/products that connote “newness” and not influenced by just cost, and understanding demand.
We have worked in providing various Analytical Solutions to various businesses using ML and AI solutions. AmberTAG has the right amount of experience, expertise and enthusiasm that can help you achieve the knowledge and wisdom that is required to give a high business value.

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