We Deliver Powerful Predictive Algorithm Driven Solutions for Telecom Domain 

Network Performance Dashboard

Mobile network service providers have the utmost challenge of prioritizing network actions for performance and manage network services. The sheer scale of data, the  dynamism of technology and the ever changing topography multiplies the complexity of optimizing costs. Network performance dashboard will provide the visibility about the traffic and tonnage of services. This helps in prioritizing localized action at a geo-spatial level.

Call Data Characteristics

High usage, reducing tariff and increased competition is forcing service providers to provide highly economical services with challenging SLAs. Failure to comply with the network SLAs attracts punitive legal action and high penalty.  Call Data Characteristics tool presents satellite-Maps enabled geo spatial representation of Low quality calls based on continuously measure network performances. This helps in providing a preliminary understanding of the cause and helps take faster resolution activities and optimize time and costs.

Big Data Lake

Provisioning data into high availability infra coupled with the dynamism of running analyses of any kind – This is the goal and objective with which AmberTAG can design and architect custom Data lakes for Network providers.
The challenges that are posed to service providers are from multiple dimensions. The sheer size and volume of business, the expanse and the nature of terrains for mobile penetration, the ever increasing competition, the need to assure stringent SLAs have all imposed the need to develop systems that can provide fast, accurate, and localized perspectives of how the network is performing  so that this knowledge can be developed into strategies in market economics. AmberTAG can help in building state of the art dashboards, visual control on the aspects that lead to poor performance. We can endeavour to build anomaly detection and prediction capabilities based on past data.

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