In line with our core values, we have defined a social charter which is the guiding light of our everyday actions.  We strive to nurture the inner potential of every individual by creating an atmosphere that has the right balance of competitiveness and compassion. As a result, we started an innovation center that has created or funded several ideas that have become independent entities. We have a  trust that educates unemployed and underemployed youth in cutting edge technologies. We have helped graduates start their own ventures in tier2 cities and create employment in their area. We have even assisted a local bakery to sustain and transform into a viable entity.
Following are some of the ventures that were initiated and nurtured under the AmberTAG umbrella.


This ideation took place at the AmberTAG innovation centre where a real-time recommendation engine was developed exclusively for retail customers. Engineers are working the next generation recommendation engine that provides the online shopper with an array of choices based on their immediate needs, while understanding their taste on the fly, with minimal interaction with the system.


FITTO – a web app which brings doctors and patients together.

Patients can register, choose a doctor, book an appointment based on available slots, pay online and go through the teleconsulting with the doctor.

Doctors can help patients remotely through teleconsulting, give voice commands which get converted to text – which reduces the typing required by the doctor. Also, built in is the feature to automatically do essential mandatory reporting to the Govt authorities about certain diseases (reduces the work of the doctor). The prescriptions can be printed or mailed to the patient’s email ID, along with the payment receipt. 

Hospitals (out-patient dept), Polyclinics & Clinics can use Fitto to manage appointments, patient history, manage payments, generate receipts which can be e-mailed to the patients.


Every year, over 1.5 million engineers graduate and enter the Indian job market. Today, the top 10 Technology companies are able to absorb only 5-6% of the graduates, a far cry from the glory days of the technology boom that took place at the turn of the century. In order to fulfil their social and financial commitments, many have accepted jobs in unrelated fields for paltry remuneration.
We understand that we alone cannot solve this problem but are certainly committed to helping at least a small fraction of them. Our trust, Sangachadwam (Sanskrit Meaning: Let’s progress together) conducts training programs in the field of Data Sciences, AI and Machine Learning which are our core competencies. The trainers are widely travelled, having several years of consulting experience in Fortune 500 companies and are doing this work for the betterment of society. The training is extensive and participants are given exposure to live projects under the supervision of senior project managers and technical architects. This has helped people become more competitive and secure gainful employment in India and abroad. Some have started their own ventures and created employment for others not only in big cities but in tier 2 cities as well.
The classes are held in a state of the art facility in Bangalore. The program includes course material, counselling, job assistance, software/hardware infrastructure, lunch and refreshments, all of which is given free of cost.
All we expect from people who have benefitted from us is to simply pay it forward to others in need.


This is a venture co-founded by AmberTAG in a tier2 city. This is a platform that helps various auto dealers, automobile parts manufacturers and small-time service centres establish a network and share information related to the availability of auto parts, accessories and manpower. This technology has created a robust ecosystem, built efficient logistics and supply chain networks, improved service quality and generated more employment.

Let’s just borrow

This is a platform where book enthusiasts can share their books with others of similar interests. The pilot is running across Bangalore and also localized across several smaller communities. This technology intends to integrate communities, colleges, neighbourhoods and organizations to interact and share books with each other. This venture has received an enthusiastic response and the subscriber base is rapidly increasing.


Another product of AmberTAG innovation, where machine performance can be predicted in real time, optimized and enhanced for superior performance. Using the power of data sciences and complex AI algorithms, dAlchemy aims to ensure smarter consumption of energy and contribute towards a better climate for future generations.

Namma Bakery

Namma Bakery is a popular community bakery that sold items made of 100% organic ingredients. The company faced financial issues along with tough competition in the neighbourhood, but never compromised on its commitment to the usage of healthy ingredients.
Though not our main area of business, AmberTAG took this up as a social responsibility. AmberTAG is currently supporting this venture financially and strategically to help this venture turn around and has made significant progress with its corporate connect program.


An acronym for Data Sciences Equilibrium, DaScEq helps businesses in the BFSI industry to analyse consumer behaviour, develop their persona and create meaningful financial instruments accordingly.


This is an application that enables people to build, nurture and stay relevant in their professional network by exchanging their business cards electronically.

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