Our solutions are key to executing strategies successfully in the field, providing practical in-strategy guidance to your teams as they balance a complex array of often competing pressures. AmberTAG’s solutions drive results at every point in the sales cycle, from the first call to final close, and can be employed across different industries.
Figuring out how to provide the right analytical insights to the decision makers at the right time and in an understandable way sounds a lot easier than it actually is. One needs to make sure that all the variables needed are taken into account. Missing out on some of these key variables in analytical modeling could lead to poor recommendations and in turn to low adoption.
Solutions offered by AmberTAG focus on bridging the gap between insights and actions, whereas most competitors focus only on building analytics. With expertise in mobile, web and client/server technology solutions across many platforms, AmberTAG is able to bring the insights into change-causing action.

Big Data

AmberTAG has extensive Big Data expertise. Our team members helped build the Big Data teams at companies like Yahoo! and Amazon. We apply that same expertise to manage and understand enormous data scale and complexity. Working with us means you can use this same expertise for your Big Data project.

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Demand Forecasting

Know with high certainty what the demand for your products will be before you invest in inventory and office space. This kind of knowledge seems out of reach but with predictive analytics using your historical data, we can give you the insights you need for accurate forecasting.

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Lead Scoring

Design campaigns that generate the leads that are most likely to close. Delivering high quality leads to the sales team is tricky. We take the guesswork out of it so you know how to target the right people with the right message for sales.

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Sales Analytics

Sales targets are drawn up based on ambitious selling plans. How realistic are these ambitions? What does the history say? Is there a way to optimize sales cost and maximise penetration and market presence? Sales Analytics at AmberTAG provides the answers

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Retail Recommendation Engine

We have built analytics-driven recommenders that can be used by any e-tailer to recommend personalized list of products to their users. The recommendations will be personalized based on the user’s interaction with the site in that session

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Blockchain and AI/ML

We have built analytics-driven Price Bid Forecasting solution, Classification based Merchants/Distributors Machine Learning solutions that can help the B-to-B enterprises to select the best Pricing and Distributors which in-turn enables to find the right Product/Brand/Agent.

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Digital Marketing

AmberTAGs campaign optimisation solution for Ad networks, help in maximising earning for advertiser and publisher through optimised ad placements and improved conversions

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Audio, Video and Image Analytics

Do you have an active call centre that reaches out to native customers? Does the language barrier stop you from converting the voice to actionable intelligence?  The audio snippets that your call centres maintain be converted to domain intelligence that can translate into effective and optimised deployment of your actions. AmberTAG can help you decipher the customer sentiment and map it strategic indicators.

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AI/ML Powered Predictive Analytical Models

Today, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning is a very popular subject, which is widely discussed in the technology and business circles. Many experts and industry analysts argue that AI or machine learning is the future – but if we look around, we are convinced that it’s not the future – it is the present! AmberTAG has developed a Workbench with ML Algorithms integrated in it, which can help  to provide a quick turnover of better and more accurate predictions.

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Solar Forecasting

Forecasting 15 minute interval outputs of Solar Panels as per SLDC norms. This ready to use tool, factors in local conditions as well as weather data and automatically sends Forecast outputs to clients. Moreover, it has a built-in Accuracy Improver Engine that corrects errors over the course of the day.

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Telecom Domain

  • Network Performance Dashboard

  • Call Data Characteristics

  • Big Data Lake

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